Jerome Ashmore Peacock is a Canadian-American poet.

His influences include Pablo Neruda, Sharon Olds, Jack Gilbert, Wendell Berry, M.S. Merwin, Charles Wright, Mary Oliver, Robert Frost, Jan Zwicky, Marge Piercy, Charles Bukowski, Richard Brautigan, among others. His outlook and philosophy stem from his life-long engagement with nature, pantheist spirituality, and the writings of thinkers such as Alan Watts.

He has an M.A. in the Teaching of Writing, and a B.A. in Journalism. He has taught secondary and post-secondary writing, ESL, and spent many years in advertising internationally. He currently works in real estate.

Peacock grew up in Encinitas, a small beach town north of San Diego, where a counter-culture of surfing, flowers, free love set the tone. As an ocean person and surfer, he often writes about the sea, water, and nature as sources of his identity and spirituality. His poetry also explores masculinity, love and desire, the metaphysical, questions of meaning, and social issues.

He took Canadian citizenship in 2000 as a response to the election of George Bush Jr. and moved to Vancouver Island, British Columbia, in 2003.

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